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Cerritos College classes are scheduled as REMOTE, ONLINE, HYBRID, HYFLEX, or IN-PERSON.
Please read the descriptions at the bottom of this page so that you are fully informed about each option before enrolling in any classes. Please also read the schedule notes for the specific sections before enrolling.

Please review Schedule+ periodically for new class additions; new classes will not appear in the printed schedule.

For closed classes please see instructor to add.

Start Months:

All Departments

Division Classes

Online: All instruction and interaction are online with no mandatory synchronous nor in-person meetings.

Live Remote/Online: There are required scheduled remote meetings in real-time that are noted in the schedule of classes. All instruction and interaction are online.

Hybrid: There is a combination of scheduled in-person or live remote meetings and online asynchronous teaching and learning with regular and effective interaction in both modalities.

Hyflex: Students will have the flexibility to participate in-person, remote, and/or online asynchronously.

OPEN - Seats are available; you may enroll in the section via MyCerritos

CLOSED - No seats currently available; if you are interested in adding the class, you may click on the Instructor name to send an email request

CONTACT INSTRUCTOR - Class has already begun; if you are interested in adding the class, you may click on the Instructor name to send an email request

WAITLIST - No seats currently available; you may add yourself to the waitlist via MyCerritos if you are interested in adding the class

All students who register for a class which includes online instruction (REMOTE, ONLINE, HYBRID) should log in to the Canvas site for additional information about class meetings and course requirements.

NOTE: Please be advised that instructors may have different requirements related to the use of technology and specific software in their classes. In some classes, students may be required to use a computer/laptop/other device with a reliable webcam and microphone (e.g., to support proctoring software which records webcam and/or screen activity during quizzes and exams). Other classes may require the use of other software to track and/or control the import and export of content from various apps to ensure academic integrity during quizzes/exam. If you have any questions, it is recommended that you reach out to the instructor prior to enrollment to clarify specific requirements so that you can enroll in a class that is most suited to your needs or preferences. You may link directly to faculty email addresses by clicking on the instructor name in SchedulePlus.

If you select Online Classes Only, the list will not include online classes that are scheduled to meet at a specific time (e.g., MW 8-9:15am).