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 Employee Directory
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Abbruzzese, Mark, Instructor, Anthropology, Ext. 2734, mabbruzzese@cerritos.edu
Abelon, Ayako (Aya), Media Relations Coordinator, Public Affairs, Ext. 2287, aabelon@cerritos.edu
Abing, Joseph (Joe), Instructor/Coach, Athletics, Ext. 2870, jabing@cerritos.edu
Aborn, Lucinda, Dean of Disabled Stu Prog & Se, Disabled Student Prog & Svcs, Ext. 2334, laborn@cerritos.edu
Acheson, Mike, Instructor (Hrly), Business Administration, macheson@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/macheson/
Ackland, Dean, Instructor (Hrly), Physical Education/Athletics, Ext. 2474, dackland@cerritos.edu
Acosta, Alva-Marie (Alva), Administrative Secretary II, Fine Arts/Communications, Ext. 2633, aacosta@cerritos.edu
Acosta, Pauline, Instructor (Hrly), Sociology, pacosta@cerritos.edu
Acosta-Licea, Jennifer, Instructor (Hrly), Speech, jacostalicea@cerritos.edu
Acuna, Monica, Staff Development Assistant, Human Resources, Ext. 2285, macuna@cerritos.edu
Acuna, Robert, Instructor (Hrly), Art, racuna@cerritos.edu
Adams, Roger, Sr. Applications Analyst, Information Technology, Ext. 2162, radams@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/radams/
Aguayo, Roberto (Robert), EOPS Specialist, EOPS, Ext. 2379, aguayo@cerritos.edu
Aguilar, Isabel, Admissions & Records Tech II, Admissions and Records, iaguilar@cerritos.edu
Aguilar, Marisol, Counselor, EOPS, noreply@cerritos.edu
Aguiniga-Campos, Javier, Instructor (Hrly), Mathematics, jaguinigacampos@cerritos.edu
Aguirre, Anna (Anna P.), Instructor (Hrly), Cosmetology, aaguirre@cerritos.edu
Aguirre, Geoffrey, Instructor (Hrly), English, gaguirre@cerritos.edu
Ahmad, Manzoor, Instructor (Hrly), Business Administration, mahmad@cerritos.edu
Aiton, Amanda, Instructor (Hrly), Culinary Arts, Ext. 2489, aaiton@cerritos.edu
Akini, Pamela (Pam), Instructor (Hrly), Business Administration, pakini@cerritos.edu
Akiyama, Kevin, Counselor (Hrly), Counseling, noreply@cerritos.edu
Alavian, Masoud, Inst Lab Tech II-CAI, Computer/Media Lab, Ext. 2185, alavian@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/malavian
Albano, Randy, Sergeant, Campus Police, Campus Police, Ext. 2545, ralbano@cerritos.edu
Alcala, Claudia, Counselor (Hrly), CalWORKs, calcala@cerritos.edu
Alcala, Sergio, Counselor (Hrly), CalWORKs, sergioalcala@cerritos.edu
Alcala, Sharol, Instructor (Hrly), Nursing, salcala@cerritos.edu
Alcantar, Iliana, Instructor (Hrly), Foreign Language, ialcantar@cerritos.edu
Alegre, Rose, Administrative Secretary II, Admissions and Records, Ext. 2100, alegre@cerritos.edu
Alenikov, Michael, Instructor (Hrly), Real Estate, malenikov@cerritos.edu
Alenikov, Teresa, Instructor, Accounting/Finance, Ext. 2729, talenikov@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/talenikov/
Alexander, Cynthia, Instructor, Educational Technology, Ext. 2794, calexander@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/calexander/
Alexander, Shereese, Instructor (Hrly), Biological Sciences, salexander@cerritos.edu
Algaze, Susan, Counselor (Hrly), Disabled Student Prog & Svcs, salgaze@cerritos.edu
Algiere, Ray, Sr Tech Support Specialist, Information Technology/MIT, Ext. 2181, ralgiere@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/ralgiere/
Ali, Babar, Instructor (Hrly), Physics/Astronomy, bali@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu
Allen, Amy, Instructor (Hrly), Dance, amyallen@cerritos.edu
Allen, Michael (Michael G.), Instructor (Hrly), Athletics, mgallen@cerritos.edu
Alonzo-Campos, Karina (Karina A.), Budget Technician, Budget, Ext. 2267, kacampos@cerritos.edu
Altebarmakian, Tamar, Instructor (Hrly), English, taltebarmakian@cerritos.edu
Altermatt, Robert, Instructor (Hrly), Chemistry, raltermatt@cerritos.edu
Alvarado, Jennifer, Instructor (Hrly), Accounting/Finance, jalvarado@cerritos.edu
Alvarado, Joanna, Counselor (Hrly), CalWORKs, noreply@cerritos.edu
Alvarez, Lydia, Instructor, English, Ext. 2838, lalvarez@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/lalvarez/
Alves, Smita Rawal (Smita), Instructor (Hrly), Biological Sciences, Ext. 2682, salves@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/srawal/
Amador, America, Certified Medical Assistant, Student Health Services, Ext. 2321, aamador@cerritos.edu
Amador, Hector, Custodian, Operations/Custodial, Ext. 2304, hamador@cerritos.edu
Amano-Tompkins, Tommy, Instructor (Hrly), English, tamanotompkins@cerritos.edu
Ambriz, Larry, Instructor (Hrly), Accounting/Finance, lambriz@cerritos.edu
Anang-Koletty, Yuhaniz, Counselor (Hrly), Counseling, Ext. 4350, anang@cerritos.edu
Anaya, Jose, Instructor (Hrly), Business Administration, janaya@cerritos.edu
Andrade, Olga, Instructor, Child Dev/Early Childhood, oandrade@cerritos.edu
Andreacchi, Bartholomew, Instructor (Hrly), English, bandreacchi@cerritos.edu
Anzures, Marco, Instructor (Hrly), Athletics, manzures@cerritos.edu
Applebury, Kimberly (Kim), Administrative Secretary II, Counseling, Ext. 2127, kapplebury@cerritos.edu
Aragon, Richard (Richard C.), Instructor (Hrly), Automotive Mechanical Repair, Ext. 2974, raragon@cerritos.edu
Arce, Carlos, Instructor, Foreign Language, Ext. 2834, arce@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/arce/
Arceo, Shirley, School Relations Coordinator, Student Activities, Ext. 2129, sarceo@cerritos.edu
Arevalo, Sylvia, Administrative Services Tech, Community Education, Ext. 2524, sarevalo@cerritos.edu
Arias, Miguel, Warehousing & Delivery Asst, Purchasing, Ext. 2312, marias@cerritos.edu
Arias, Rogelio, Instructor (Hrly), Machine Tool Technology, rarias@cerritos.edu
Arnold, Charlan (Charlan J.), Instructor (Hrly), Physical Education/Athletics, carnold@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu
Aros, Richard, Automotive Laboratory Tech, Automotive Mechanical Repair, Ext. 4169, raros@cerritos.edu
Arriola, Daniel, Campus Police Officer, Campus Police, darriola@cerritos.edu
Artates, Evangeline, Instructor (Hrly), Medical Assisting, eartates@cerritos.edu
Arthur, Robert (Bob), Board Member, District, barthur@cerritos.edu
Artiaga, Benjamin, Instructor/Coach, Athletics, Ext. 2879, bartiaga@cerritos.edu
Arvizo, David, Instructor (Hrly), Welding, darvizo@cerritos.edu
Ary, Nichole, Instructor (Hrly), Speech, nary@cerritos.edu
Asef, Tania, Instructor (Hrly), Biological Sciences, tasef@cerritos.edu
Ashe, Suzanne, Instructor, English, Ext. 2814, sashe@cerritos.edu
Asis, Brian, Instructor (Hrly), English, basis@cerritos.edu
Aslanyan, Kristine, Counselor, EOPS, noreply@cerritos.edu
Atherton, Amparo (Amparo D.), Educational Technology Trainer, Student Success, Ext. 2799, adatherton@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/adatherton
Atherton, Anthony, Instructor (Hrly), Woodworking Mfg Technology, Ext. 4380, aatherton@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/aatherton/
Augugliaro, Mary, Librarian (Hourly), Library/LRC, maugugliaro@cerritos.eduhttp://www.cerritos.edu/maugugliaro
Avalos, Carmen, Board Member, District, cavalos@cerritos.edu
Avery, Tiffany, Inst Lab Tech III-Cosmetology, Cosmetology, tavery@cerritos.edu
Avila, Ernesto, Academic, 3rd Party Contract, Apprent - Field Ironworkers, noreply@cerritos.edu
Azolyan, Mariam, Counselor (Hrly), Counseling, mazolyan@cerritos.edu
Azucena, Mario, Sr Tech Support Specialist, Information Technology/MIT, Ext. 2199, mazucena@cerritos.edu

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